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Sunday, 21 January 2018
Dr Lesley was away today, so no photo's I'm afraid.

Father Stephen's sermon was as follows:

At this time of the year it is usual to go to a performance of a pantomime or ballet.  Father Stephen remembered going to Coven Garden to see a production of the ballet "The Nutcracker".  The transformation scene had a huge impact on him, when the mice come out and the toys have their moment.  In particular, there was a Christmas tree and it grew and grew.  Quite an achievement of the production team.  However the Gospel reading today of the miracle in Cana of the turning of water into wine is not a magic trick but a transformation.  When Jesus chose his new disciples, they were not taken to a retreat or an intensive course over a few days, but to a lively wedding feast. Weddings at the time of Jesus would have lasted a week, with the guests going to their usual day job and returning to the celebration in the evening. It would have been a huge humiliation in society to run out of wine.  When Mary appeals to Jesus she gets "the brush off" from Jesus, but still tells the servants to do exactly as he says.  This begins Jesus' ministry, a miracle of social niceties rather than healing. The disciples saw the miracle and knew his glory.  The turning of water into wine prefigures the lavishness of the heavenly banquet and the generosity of God, to enrich lives and bring luxury into poverty.

In Christ, God makes all things new and perfects in us the image of his glory.

Don't forget to get your tickets for the Moroccan Dinner on 10th February from the Church wardens.  A few people have asked if the food will be spicy - yes, but in the way a mince pie at Christmas is spicy, not like a hot Indian curry.

Also don't forget the Silent Auction on the 3rd March and to volunteer now for the summer fete on 28th July.  Get the dates into your diary.


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