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Sunday, 26 February 2017
Our 10 am Eucharist this mornig was celebrated by Father Stephen. This is the last Sunday before Lent. Ash Wednesday is the 1st of March, when there will be a Eucharist with Imposition of Ashes at 7:30 pm. Do come along and start Lent with this moving service.

The readings today were from St Peter and from the Gospel of St Matthew, the story of the Transfiguration. In his sermon Father Stephen developed the theme of the Transfiguration, when Jesus was visited by Moses and Elijah during a period of private prayer with his disciples. Moses representing the Law, and Elijah the Prophets, underlying the fact that Jesus was the completion of the Law and predicted by the Prophets. As Jesus and his disciples descend from the mountain to the plain and rejoin their followers, we have an illustration of the two aspects of Christianity, its mystical side and its practical side. Father Stephen told us that in a lifetime as a Christian and 30 years in Ministry, he had tried to follow the practical side of the religion, but felt he had not got to the bottom of the mystical side, and so the adventure of the Christian Life goes on!

The Choir sang 'Here O Lord I see you face to face' by Percy Whitlock as the Anthem. There was coffee after the service.

Our next event, the Knit-a thon, will take place next Sunday the 4th of March at Russetts, do come and knit, or sponsor one of those who will be!

As we enter Lent do join us in the Vicarage on Thursday evenings at 7:30 for our Lent Course. We will be studying St Mark's Gospel.

Sunday, 19 February 2017
This morning our 10:00 am service was Mattins. The readings, from the King James version of the Bible included the Creation Story from Genesis, and from St Matthew's Gospel Jesus' words to his disciples urging them not to worry about material things! In his sermon Father Stephen continued this theme, telling us that people of our times worry as much, if not more, than those of first century Palestine! We must put our faith in Our Lord and follow his path, and such things will be taken care of.

The Choir sang ' Fairest Lord Jesus' a setting based on a Silesian folk tune arranged by Martin How, as the anthem.
There was coffee after the Service.

Father Stephen reminded us that this year's Lent Course will be held on Thursday evenings in Lent at the Vicarage. We will be studying St Mark's Gospel, do sign the list in the church and come along!

Don't forget the Knit-a-thon on March 5th and the Musical Afternoon on the 12th of March.

Monday, 13 February 2017
We enter Ordinary Time again after the Festal period of Epiphany as we await the beginning of Lent. Our 10am Eucharist was celebrated by Father Stephen. The Gospel from the Sermon on the Mount, referred to the Ten Commandments, the old covenant between God and his People, and how Jesus updated these ideas to include both the spirit and the letter of the law. Father Stephen, in his sermon, told us that the great festivals we have passed through in the last months all celebrate the Light of God coming into the world, and it is this light that we follow through our lives in sure and certain hope of being united with God at the last day.

The Choir sang 'Teach me O Lord the way of thy statutes' by Thomas Attwood as the anthem.
There was coffee after the service.

despite the cold weather Spring is arriving in the Church Yard!

A very enjoyable evening in the Church Hall, with some 60 people attending a viewing of the video of the entertainments at the Harvest Supper, this was greatly enjoyed by all. We also saw a video of the Fete, hard to believe on such a cold winter evening that we had even enjoyed the blue skies and sunshine of mid July!.
Marilyn and Frank also provided us with an excellent selection of food and wine! All proceeds to the New Parish Rooms of course!
Many thanks to every one who helped with this splendid evening!
Sunday, 5 February 2017
The first Sunday of February and we are celebrating The Presentation of Christ in the Temple or Candlemas as part of our Family Service. The Celebrant was Father Stephen, and as usual on our first Sunday, the Sunday School were in charge of the first part of the service. Before they took over, we lit our candles and received a blessing from Father Stephen

After the Gospel, we watched a re-enactment of the story. Simeon and Anna looked for the Messiah coming for presentation in the Temple. They looked to see if he would be in the family of a Football star, a Politician, a Doctor and a Nurse or a King, but they found him in the family of a humble carpenter.

The intercessions were then lead by a member of the Serving Team.

During the Communion the Choir sang the Nunc Dimittis in the setting by CV Stanford in B flat, using the traditional words spoken by Simeon at the Presentation, sung in this setting by the male voices with the full choir singing the Gloria. This setting is particularly appropriate for Candlemas.

There was coffee after the service.

Next Saturday is the Cheese and Wine evening in the Church Hall, where you can also see the video of the Harvest Supper entertainments and the Fete, tickets from the Church Wardens.
The Knit-a-thon will take place on the 5th March, if you can't knit, please sponsor one of the knitters, or maybe provide an item for tea to keep them knitting! The knitters are knitting hats for the Mission to Seafarers, and we hope to present them to our guest speaker from the Mission who will join us for Sea Sunday in July. Sponsorship money will go to the New Rooms Project.
On the following Sunday, the 12th of March we will have a concert of Piano and Violin music from Joanna Chivers-Gibb and Ian Scott. This will be a mixture of musical styles so something for everyone. Ian spent a good deal of time working with Patrick Moore on his musical compositions, so he is looking forwards to coming down to the Manhood Peninsular to play for us. There will be Tea after the concert and a retiring collection for the New Rooms Project! Speaking of which, the floor raft is now laid, look at the pictures on the New Rooms page of this website!!

Spring is coming!

Monday, 30 January 2017
On Saturday evening we were treated to a Mexican Supper in the Church Hall. A magnificent repast of traditional Mexican fare, guacamole, salsa, followed by Chilli con Carne, and finished up with traditional sweets including a 'tres leche' cake which was absolutely delicious! It was all prepared by Dr Hilary Platts, to the very highest standard we recognise from her kitchen!
Some people really entered into the spirit and dressed accordingly, but the more conservative of dress also had a wonderful time! A raffle after the meal added to the fantastic total of £500, raised towards our new building. The building is starting to take shape, do look at the page on this website to see some photos of the work.

On Sunday morning our 10 am Eucharist was celebrated by Father Stephen. We have reached the 4th Sunday in Epiphany and so the third of the themes for Epiphany was the subject of the Gospel, the Wedding at Cana and the first miracle. St Mary our Lady is our Patron Saint and so this story is close to us. Father Stephen pointed out that Mary, as the Mother of Jesus knew him, and may have realised long before the beginning of his ministry how special he was. In her words to the servants at the wedding 'Go and do as he instructs you' she gives us all the directions for our Christian Life.

As this was a fifth Sunday, the choir sang the Sanctus, Benedictus and the Agnus Dei in the setting by Sumsion, and the anthem was Ave Verum Corpus set by Gounod.

There was coffee after the service.

Do sign up for the Knit-a-thon on the 5th of March, or if you can't knit, perhaps sponsor one of the knitters, or provide a contribution to the tea! Tickets are still available from the Church Wardens for the Cheese and Wine evening on the 11th of February.
Sunday, 22 January 2017
A cold and frosty Sunday morning with bright blue skies greeted us today. Our Eucharist was celebrated by Father Stephen. This is also the week of prayers for Christian Unity, and this was reflected in our first reading from St Paul. The Gospel, from St Matthew, continued the story of Jesus calling his Disciples from their fishing on the Sea of Galilee to be fishers of men. In his sermon Father Stephen referred back to the quotation from Isaiah 'the people who were in darkness have seen a great light' That great light which is Our Lord and guides us through our Christian life.

The Choir sang a communion hymn this week, and there was coffee after the service.

Next Saturday is our Mexican Supper, don't forget the Cheese and Wine on the 11th of February, and also please sign up for the Knitathon. This will take place on Sunday afternoon the 5th of March, we shall be knitting woolly hats for the Mission to Seafarers, and hopefully being sponsored by the inch in aid of the new rooms!! There will be tea to urge on the knitting. Donations/sponsorship forms and instructions for the knitting are available at the back of the Church.