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Monday, 24 April 2017
After the great events of Holy Week and Easter Day, this second Sunday of Easter we had said Mattins as our 10 am service. The canticles and psalm were said, but we sang some of the Easter Hymns, accompanied by Beryl Rodd at the piano. In his sermon Father Stephen developed the theme from the Gospel of the story of doubting Thomas, who could not believe without seeing! We believe because we know God in our hearts, and see his actions in our lives, but faith cannot be thrust upon us, only when we are ready to believe can faith come to us. We pray for all who struggle with faith, to be strengthened.

There was coffee after the service.

Sadly we were unable to have our Pirates event yesterday, as our star guest Paul, the History Man, was taken ill in the week. we wish him a speedy return to health, and have postponed the event until

the New Building is coming on!!

Wednesday, 19 April 2017
We have a new member of the website team. Hilary Platts will be looking after the music pages. She can be contacted through the Contact Us page.

Hilary joins the rest of the team who are Janet Harland, Lesley Bromley and Michael Jones.
Sunday, 16 April 2017
Our Easter celebrations began on Saturday Evening with the lighting of the New Fire, the Easter Vigil and the first Eucharist of Easter. We were able to light the new Pascal Candle out of doors, as it was mild and of course light as we are so far into April. The congregation all lit candles from the new fire and we moved into the church where the Pascal Candle was set in its place by the Altar. We then heard the readings of the Easter Vigil, including the story from Exodus of the crossing of the Red Sea. Father Stephen developed this theme in his sermon, speaking of Baptism and its ability to renew us, and the promise to remain new and pure that is so hard to achieve. We then renewed our Baptismal vows at the font, before returning to the body of the church for the Eucharist.

This morning, on a beautiful sunny spring morning we met for the  Easter Day Eucharist. The church, now transformed with the most fantastic flower displays, was full of congregants, from the very young to the very senior. The Eucharist was con-celebrated by Father Stephen and Father Roger, and Father Roger also preached. In his sermon Father Roger talked about how our identity as Christians is in our relationship with Christ, confirming our own resurrection from sin, and assuring our eternal life. We sang traditional Easter hymns, and the choir sang 'Now the green blade riseth' and 'This joyful Easter tide' during Communion. There were Easter eggs to take home!!

Please do come to our Pirates Day next Saturday 1:30pm in the Church Hall, a day of entertainment, with a treasure hunt, a storyteller and many competitions, all followed by Tea! A fine way to finish off the Easter Holidays!!

On Maundy Thursday we had our Eucharist of the last supper followed by Gethsemane Watch.
This service marks the end of Lent and the beginning of the Triduum, the three days prior to Easter Sunday. Our service on the Thursday evening was the first at which the Gloria was sung since Ash Wednesday, and bells are rung to mark the transition to the new season. The story of the Last Supper was read and the Choir sang Ubi Caritas in the setting by Durufle as the anthem. After communion the altar was stripped whilst the Choir sang  psalm 22, and those who were able to continued in the north transept for  Gethsemane Watch. A solemn start to the Easter period.

We returned on Good Friday for our 2pm service of contemplation of the Passion. This year the choir sang 'Olivet to Calvary' by John Henry Maunder, with the able assistance of Peter Webster as the baritone soloist. Joanna Chivers-Gibbs played the piano and had prepared the choir for this service. The movements of the work were interspersed with Gospel readings, the whole being opened and closed with prayer lead by Father Stephen. This was very well received by every one.

Following the Service a shory choir practice was held at 'Russetts' The home of Adrian and Janet Harland, after which Hot Cross and other buns were served with tea. We took our annual Choir Photo in the garden, thanks to Steve Amos for taking the picture!

Sunday, 9 April 2017
We enter Holy Week on a glorious sunny Sunday, with our Palm Sunday service with procession of Palms. The Service started with the Choir singing an introit 'And the children of the Hebrews said....' this was followed by the blessing of the palm crosses and a procession around the Church. This gave us all an opportunity to see the progress of the New Rooms Annex, where the windows and walls are well advanced.
The service continued with a reading of the Passion Gospel from St Matthew by Father Stephen and members of the congregation. We then moved to the Eucharist, using the Richard Sheppard Wiltshire Service setting. After communion the Choir sang 'God so loved the World' in the setting by John Stainer as the Anthem. There was coffee after the service and then we held our Annual Parochial Church Meeting. Once again all the paper work for this meeting had been prepared by Church Warden Chris Field, and we were able to pass quickly through the business and enjoy thanking all those who work so hard all year to keep our Church family buoyant. We look forward to having Bishop Martin open and bless our Annex in September.

The Holy Week servies are here on the website, we hope to see you at them, and especially next sunday for Easter Day. On Good Friday we shall sing the work 'Olivet to Calvary' as our passiontide dedication.

Dont forget to come to Pirate Day on 22nd April, all sorts of activities and competitions , best dressed pirate any one? plus our treasure hunt, Story teller and tea!!

Monday, 27 March 2017
We celebrated our Mothers, Our Lady, and a refreshment from the solemness of Lent this Sunday! As Mothering Sunday falls so close to the Feast of the Annunciation, and as next Sunday will be Passion Sunday, we had our Family Eucharist today.
Father Stephen was the celebrant, and instead of a sermon, we had a presentation of the story of the Annunciation in which the two aspects of Mary's reaction to the news bought to her by Gabriel were imagined. What a shock for a young girl, and such faith to take up the role of Mother of Our Lord! After the notices we had the presentation of a light blue ribbon to our newest Junior Chorister, Maggie, many congratulations!!
The Choir sang Ave Maria in the setting by the Latvian composer Rikard Dubra.
At the end of the service the children distributed posies of flowers to their mothers, and grandmothers, and as we left the Church we were given a piece of Simnell cake to take home. There was coffee after the service.

The Lent group meets again in the Vicarage at 7:00pm on Thursday, if you would like to join us please do, each session is complete on its own it is not necessary to have attended the others so do come and join us!

News of the Knitathon, over £700 pounds raised so far and more to come, and 30 hats now knitted!! If you are wondering how the building is going do look at the page on this website for photos of the ongoing work!

Our next Event is to be Pirates Day! On Saturday the 22nd of April there will be all sorts of Pirate and Smuggler related activities in the Church Hall and the Church yard, including competitions for the best dressed Pirate (child and adult) best pirate cake, find the treasure on the map, guess the name of the pirates' parrot, and a Treasure Hunt for doubloons and jewels in the church yard. The afternoon will finish with a presentation by 'The History Man' who will tell us all about pirates and smugglers in our area! Tea will be served after the Talk. Tickets (£10 per family, or for those who would like to hear the stories and have tea £5) are available form the Church Wardens. It will be a very jolly end to the Easter Holidays, do come along!!

Monday, 20 March 2017
This morning our 10 am service was Choral Mattins, conducted by Father Stephen. The readings, as is the practice at Mattins, were from the King James version of the Bible.
As it is Lent the Canticles included the Venite, the Benedicite, and the Jubilate Deo. The Benedicite was sung in the setting by Lloyd, and the Jubilate by CV Stanford in B flat. was sung by the Choir. Also as part of our Lenten worship we sang the Litany from the Book of Common Prayer.

The Gospel Reading, from St John, was the dialogue between Jesus and the Samaritan woman at the well. As Father Stephen pointed out, this is another of the dialogues, similar to the one last week between Jesus and Nicodemus, where the verbal 'fencing' brings out more than just the literal meaning of the words. The action of Jesus to ask for water from the unclean Samaritan women speaks of his message to include all not just the apparently righteous!

There was coffee after the service. Next week we will be celebrating Mothering Sunday as a family service, and so the following week, Passion Sunday will be a Parish Eucharist.

Look out for our Easter Holiday entertainment, 'Pirates Day' on the 22nd of April, a Treasure Hunt, competitions, a Story teller and Tea, Tickets, family or individual, from the Church Wardens (£10 or £5)