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Sunday, 13 August 2017
On a glorious summer morning we met to celebrate one of the Feasts dedicated to our Patron Saint, St Mary. Today we celebrate her arrival in Heaven, In September we again celebrate, marking her birth. The readings today included Luke's account of the visit of the Angel Gabriel. Father Stephen, who was the celebrant, preached about Mary's role of protector of the young Jesus, of the role of protection of the young in age and in faith, and how now Our Lady helps protect us from Heaven. There was a hymn after communion, as it being August, there was no choir.
The Church was filled with beautiful garden flowers, which had been placed there for the funeral of our dear friend Alfred Lytton on Friday. We shall miss him, but are confident he is safe in the hands of God.

There was coffee after the service. Our new rooms are very nearly ready to be handed over to us, the Bishop will formally bless and open them on the 3rd of September.