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Monday, 26 June 2017
This morning our 10 am service was a Parish Eucharist and the celebrant was Father Roger. The Gospel reading today was one of the more difficult passages where Our Lord talks of dividing families and bringing a sword to the world. In his sermon Father Roger talked about Radical Extremism, pointing out that this description has become associated with acts of terror, where as in its true meaning, Radical implies returning to the roots of the issue and Extreme can be either extremely bad or extremely good! In this context Christ himself was a radical extremist!! Certainly to the First century Jewish people, who had lost sight of the spirit of the 10 commandments, encircling their lives with over 600 small rules and regulations based on the teachings of Moses,His simple instructions Love the Lord thy God and your neighbour were both radical and extreme. Father Roger also spoke about the roots of Islam and that we should be clear that Islam in its true practice is a peaceful religion, Jihad is a holy war conducted internally against the temptations to stray from the path, and that acts of terror are not part of the religion, as shown by the refusal of Imams to say burial prayers for the perpetrators of these acts. Father Roger gave us much to think about in this sermon.

The Choir sang 'God so Loved the World' Setting by J Stainer as the anthem. There was coffee after the service.

The Fete is rapidly approaching! Saturday 29th of July! The fete committee would be glad of help on the preceeding days to prepare the site and afterwards to clear, If you can help please contact the Church wardens.

There is a PCC meeting on Thursday evening, preceded by a said Eucharist at 6:30.

Our Patriotic Flowers reflect Armed Forces weekend


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