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Sunday, 30 April 2017
This morning our 10 o'clock service was a Parish Eucharist, but a special one as today we followed the service with a short service of re-interment. During the building of the new Annex, the builders came across a grave, which was not marked or recorded anywhere. The grave contained the bones of three people, two adults and a child. Also found in the grave was a wedding ring, which dates to the 1880s, but the archaeologist cautions that it may not belong to these people, we just do not know who they were or how they came to be buried in an unmarked grave in our church yard. One of the congregation, Mr Pickering,  made a wooden box for the bones, and Father Stephen  attached a crucifix to the box, and the bones have been resting in the Lady Chapel. Today we re-interred them in a new grave to the side of the main path. The box was placed in front of the altar for the Eucharist, and then at the end of the service, while the Choir sang the Nunc Dimittis in C by Stanford, the box was carried out of the church by 4 members of the congregation. We all followed out to the grave side. Father Stephen said the prayers of committal and the box was lowered into the grave with due solemnity. A strong feeling of the community of the church over the centuries was with us as we paid respect to this little family, almost forgotten, but now safely re-interred in our lovely peaceful and ancient church yard.

'For all thy saints, who from their labours rest
who they by faith before the world confessed
thy name of Jesus be forever blessed
Alleluia, alleluia'


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