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Wednesday, 20 May 2020

If your screen is too small, here is the poem.

The Old Parish Church

C Champneys Burnham

My stones were laid. my building planned
When conquering Normans ruled the land
My tower was raised,strong, stout and tall
To house the bells whose clamorous call
Through all the country round did cry
"Come, enter in. Your Lord is nigh."
I've watched as through my great west door
For centuries long came rich and poor
Sword bearing baron in his might
Penurious peasant in his plight
From powers pursuing men would flee
In hope of sanctuary in me
Swift archers came who from my yews
The wood for new long bows did choose
Came Puritan and Quaker  maid
Gay Cavalier - Restoration blade -
I welcomed them whate'er their mood
As mother hen enfolds her brood
All England came - of that be sure
How varied were the clothes they wore
Rich robes and laces, furs and frills
Thick gaberdines to ward off chills
Soft silken gowns with swirling flair
Homespun linen, cloaks threadbare
Cromwellian dress, demure and staid
Bright uniforms with golden braid
And khaki too - how much I saw -
When England's youth went twice to war
To England's throne in rich procession
Came kings and queens in due succession
Angevins and Tudors held their sway
Hanoverians, Stuarts had their day
Throngh changing years a changing throng
Fill my walls with unchanging song
I christened them 'mid infant tears
And married them in later years
Some - not all - the Sacrament received
But all I hope in God believed
Through church gate shade at length they passed
'Neath churchyard green to sleep at last
Though customs die and fashions fade
Yet I to God have faithful stayed
Within my quietness you will find
Tranquillity to ease your mind
Come, quietly sit and feel around you
How centuries of prayer surround you
The unseen hosts that filled this place
Bear witness of God's love and grace.

Service Times

First Sunday in the Month:
10:00am Family Service

Second Sunday in the Month
10:00am Parish Eucharist

Third Sunday in the Month
08:00am Holy Communion (said)
10:00am Sung Matins

Fourth Sunday in the Month
10:00am Parish Eucharist


  • The 8:00am said Holy Communion will recommence for all Sundays beginning Sunday 2nd May 2021

  • Variations can be found in the Parish Magazine or the Calendar at the bottom of this page.

Useful links

Here are some links to resources you may find helpful:

  1. Chichester Cathedral will be live streaming services. For the Eucharist and order of service Click here before 10:00am Sunday and follow the instructions.
  2. The BBC Daily Service is available here.
  3. Prayer for today.
  4. The C of E youtube channel.
  5. Hearing You is a new phone help line launched by the Diocese of Chichester in partnership with Together in Sussex in response to the impact that Covid 19 has had on Just about the whole community. It aims to provide pastoral support and a listening ear to the recently bereaved and people directly affected by the COVID-19 outbreak.
  6. COVID-19 advice from the Diocese of Chichester here.

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