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Sunday, 13 January 2019
This morning we celebrate the Baptism of Jesus as we continue on our journey through Epiphany.
Our 10 am Eucharist service was celebrated by Father Stephen, who also preached. In his Sermon Father Stephen compared the story of the baptism of Elisha in the second book of Kings in the Old Testament. Elisha was endowed with 'twice the spirit' of his teacher Elijah, and indeed performed more miracles than his teacher. Jesus was filled with the whole Spirit, and God spoke to identify him as His Son. At the Transfiguration, a later manifestation of His glory, Elijah appears with him, and God again speaks identifying Jesus as his Son and ordering us to Listen to Him. Indeed the same spirit that bought about these events works in and through us on a daily basis as we work towards the Kingdom.

The Choir sang the Ave Verum in the setting by W.A. Mozart as the anthem. The children of the Sunday School joined us for the Communion, the final hymn and the Blessing.

There was Coffee after the Service.

Exciting events are coming up in February! On the 3rd of February we will be celebrating Candle mass at our family service. After the service there will be the Premier of the film about the history of St Marys that has been made. There will be refreshments during and after the film. DVD copies of the film can be ordered at this viewing and there after.

On the 16th of February we are to be treated to a French Supper by Hilary Platts and her team. Tickets for this 4 course meal are £15 and available from the Church Wardens. Experience of previous meals from  Hilary  makes us suggest that tickets will go fast so buy one or two now!!!!!

Epiphany continues

In the Church Yard the mild weather shows signs of spring.


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10:00am Parish Eucharist

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