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Tuesday, 11 June 2019
Today is Pentecost or Whitsuntide.  The lovely flowers in church reflected the tongues of flame representing the Holy Spirit. 

We also have the special seasonal plate in the window.

The church yard is also looking lovely despite the lack of rain.

Father Roger gave us the sermon today. He referred to our first reading which told of the very first Pentecost. The people who witnessed it were as amazed as at Jesus's miracles. Pentecost means 50 days since Easter. It is also a celebration of receiving the law on Mount Sinai.

Jesus's ministry of around 3 years had run its course. Was the main event over?  Fr Roger recounted the thrill of building a deep pond at his first house in Selsey.  Once it was finished, he thought this was the end of the project, but in fact, it was only the beginning as nature took hold and the pond began to fill with life.  It was very exciting.

So it is with Pentecost. It is a new beginning. Our time AFTER Jesus's ministry is not an anti climax. his work continues throughout history and in the world.

The Holy Spirit demands awe and respect, it speaks of God Himself, it is a link to the sacrament, and is self effacing.

We live by faith and reverence. The Spirit blows where He wills, inside and outside of the church.  St Paul lists the fruit of the Spirit.  We should allow God to work in us.  Spirit mean power and Ghost and invisible presence.

During the notices, Father Stephen exhorted us to go and look at the Sunday School display, so I did and too a photo of it for you.

Next week on Sunday afternoon at 3pm, come to hear Chichester Voices who will be entertaining you followed by a legendary St Mary's Church tea!  Tickets are £12 and £10 for children and OAPs. You can get tickets from Janet (church warden) and on the door.

And speaking of afternoon teas, the Sunday School made Holy Spirit cup cakes which they proudly showed to Fr Stephen, before devouring them!


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