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Monday, 1 April 2019
Lent changes our usual services around a bit, and today was our family service, not next week as today is Mothering Sunday (hence Father Stephen's fetching pink robes rather than the Lenten purple) and he also advised us that today is Refreshment Sunday and The Feast of the Annunciation!  Busy day.

The gospel reading was about the Angel Gabriel telling Mary she would give birth to the Saviour.  In his sermon, Father Stephen asked the Mums in the congregation how they had felt when they found out that they were expecting a child.  Our Mums were a little shy, but eventually we heard "terrified", "relief", "daunted", and "excited".  Dads were generally pleased!  However Mary was perplexed.

Parenthood is an adventure. The children present were told that today was a special day and asked what they had given their Mum. They were even more shy than the adults, but there was a murmur of cards and flowers.  It was suggested that maybe they would like to do the washing up after lunch.  We want to say "Thank you" to our Mums because they put themselves out for us.

We also give thanks for our Mother Church today, the Church throughout the world.  It also speaks of the timelessness of God which nurtures us, like our mum.

Next week after the service, Hilary will be selling her hand made jewelry in the Parish Rooms.  All the profit will go to St Mary's, so come and buy some early Easter presents.  Jewels have fewer calories (in fact none!) than chocolate and last a lot longer!


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