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Sunday, 18 August 2019
The third Sunday of August, and we arrived for Mattins at 10 am in a downpour! However by the time we went across to the Parish rooms for coffee the sky was blue and the sun was out. This morning, we were delighted to have James Roriston playing for us, as Joanna was having a very well deserved break. We sang the Psalm, canticles, and Hymns to his accompaniment, but again there was no anthem as the choir is also on holiday!

Father Stephen spoke about the passage in the Gospel referring to the division that Our Lord tells us his message will bring. This is a difficult idea that division even in families will be a result of the Kingdom, but we must keep our hearts and minds on the message of Our Lord.

After the service we had coffee in the rooms before returning home in sunshine

This morning we met at 10 am on a rather unseasonably stormy Sunday morning for our Parish Eucharist. As it is August the Choir is not in session, so there was no anthem this morning, but we sang some well known hymns with great enjoyment, to Joanna's accompaniment.
The readings today  from Hebrews and St Luke told us about faith and Father Stephen continued this theme in his sermon.
There was coffee after the service

Sunday, 28 July 2019
This morning we met at 10 am for a parish Eucharist, Father Stephen and Father Roger were both with us, Father Stephen preached the sermon, the Gospel to day was from St Luke and recounts Our Lord teaching the disciples to pray, using what we call the Lord's Prayer. Father Stephen spoke of the intimacy of our relationship with God, he is our Father, and the close daily relationship in our lives, and yet we hallow or make Holy his name, The whole of Christian Devotion is wrapped up in this one straightforward prayer.

The Choir  sang 'O Lord my God' by Samuel Sebastian Wesley as the Anthem.

At coffee after the service there was lots of talk about the Fete yesterday! Having woken to a downpour,  by midday the rain had stopped and the afternoon was dry and cloudy with sunny periods, perfect Fete weather. We were happy to welcome a very good crowd to buy from the stalls, listen to the Chichester City Band, attend the Dog Show, and have a go at various side shows. The Mini Show had nearly 50 entries and very splendid vegetables and floral displays were on show in the Parish Rooms, while in the Church there was an exhibition of paintings by local artists. There was a beer tent, a barbque and the best ice cream in West Sussex on sale from Caroline's Dairy. An excellent time was had by all!!

Some of the Mini Show entries
Tuesday, 23 July 2019
The third Sunday of July, and after some most welcome rain, we met for worship at 10 am. Father Stephen returned to us refreshed from his holidays, and he preached a sermon on the theme of Hospitality, which had been the subject of our readings, the Old testament from Genesis and the story of the Angels visiting Abraham, and from the New Testament the story of Matha and Mary.

The Choir sang the Benedictus in the setting by CV stanford in B flat, and as the Anthem Jesu Joy of Man's Desiring by J S Bach, ably conducted by James Roriston and accompanied as ever by Joanna Chivers.

The notices were all about the Fete which is on Saturday, we hope to welcome you all between 2 and 4 on the Vicarage Field!

Monday, 8 July 2019
This morning after a a week of lovely weather we woke up to most welcome rain! The 10 am service today was our family service, and we made the focus of our worship Sea Sunday. The hymns had a nautical theme, and the Sunday School accompanied by some Adults presented a meditation on the Sea, reading poems with different aspects of the Sea in our lives, finishing with a small group of singers performing Crossing the Bar. We were joined by Gavin Marshall, who is a serving Naval Officer, who read the Mariners Prayer , Gavin's family are long time Sidlesham parishioners.

Father Roger was the Celebrant for the Eucharist, and the choir sang  'A new commandment' by Peter Nardone as the anthem. The final hymn was 'Eternal Father Strong to Save' rounding off our Sea Sunday service.

There was coffee after the service and by the time we left, the rain had almost stopped.

The Fete is 3 weeks away!!! Dont forget to send in our entries for the mini show!!!!

Sunday, 30 June 2019
This morning at our 10 am Eucharist we celebrated the Feast of St Peter of St Paul. Father Roger was the Celebrant today as Father Stephen is taking a break. The first reading was the story of St Peter's miraculous escape from prison, and in his sermon Father Roger told us that there are some churches in England dedicated to St Peter ad Vincula  literally St Peter in Chains, indeed Father Roger and Christina were married in a church with such a dedication, he contrasted the simple fisherman, St Peter with the educated St Paul, perhaps an 'Odd Couple' but bringing together the man who knew Our Lord personally, and the man who took the message out to the gentiles. A powerful combination.

As it was a 5th Sunday the choir sang the Sanctus, Benedictus and Agnus Dei  in the setting by Herbert Sumsion, and the anthem was 'Give us the wings of faith' by Bulloch. After the service there was coffee in the Parish Rooms.

The Fete draws ever nearer, Jamjars with lids needed for the Tombolla, and any contributions to stalls. Do enter your flowers, produce, and craft work in the Mini Show, entry form in the Parish Magazine!

Monday, 24 June 2019
This morning we met at 10 am for a Parish Eucharist, celebrating the birth of St John the Baptist.. Our readings, from St Paul and St Luke, described the back ground to and birth of St John the Baptist, and in his sermon, Father Stephen discussed the role of St John as the forerunner of Our Lord. He talked about the Salvation won for us by the cross and how we have not been left alone, but are supported in our journey through life by the Holy Spirit.

The Choir sang 'Tantum Ergo' in the setting by Louis Vierne as the anthem.

Excellent news in the notices, the lovely concert last week by Chichester Voices raised £716 for Sage House, our local dementia charity, Fantastic!!

The Fete (July 27th) approaches fast, Donations of Jam Jars (clean with lids) for the Jam Jar Tombola, for books and for clothes for the boutique all requested now!!

Thursday, 20 June 2019
You will be pleased to know that the concert last Sunday (16th June) raised £716 for Dementia Support.
Monday, 17 June 2019
This morning our 10 am service was Sung Mattins. On a wet and rainy morning we enjoyed a service of prayer and praise with some lovely music! The choir sang the Te Deum in the setting by Herbert Sumson, and the Anthem was 'ye servants of th'all bounteous Lord' by S Webbe Jr.

Father Stephen preached on the mystery of the Trinity, not easy to understand, and therefor a Holy Mystery, and yet St Patrick's analogy of the three leafed clover makes it more simple for us.

For the first time at a Mattins we had a choir award presented. Alex, out newest chorister was presented with his light blue ribbon. Joanna Chivers the director of music explained the process of the awards and that Alex was now free of L plates and off and runningvin his musical life.

There was coffee after the service.

In the afternoon at 3:00 pm we were treated to a fantastic concert of choral music from Chichester Voices, who were singing on behalf of Dementia Needs and Sage House, a local charity caring for those with dementia and their family friends and carers. This lovely programme of afternoon music included a variety of choral works, and a beautiful performance by Alex Palmer of two pieces for Flute, Syrinx, by Claude Debussy, and A movement of a Handel concerto. This was followed by Tea in the Rooms, and a magnificent tea it was too. A good sized audience enjoyed the singing and their enthusiasm produced an excellent encore of  'The Bare necessities of Life' from the Jungle Book!

Tuesday, 11 June 2019
Today is Pentecost or Whitsuntide.  The lovely flowers in church reflected the tongues of flame representing the Holy Spirit. 

We also have the special seasonal plate in the window.

The church yard is also looking lovely despite the lack of rain.

Father Roger gave us the sermon today. He referred to our first reading which told of the very first Pentecost. The people who witnessed it were as amazed as at Jesus's miracles. Pentecost means 50 days since Easter. It is also a celebration of receiving the law on Mount Sinai.

Jesus's ministry of around 3 years had run its course. Was the main event over?  Fr Roger recounted the thrill of building a deep pond at his first house in Selsey.  Once it was finished, he thought this was the end of the project, but in fact, it was only the beginning as nature took hold and the pond began to fill with life.  It was very exciting.

So it is with Pentecost. It is a new beginning. Our time AFTER Jesus's ministry is not an anti climax. his work continues throughout history and in the world.

The Holy Spirit demands awe and respect, it speaks of God Himself, it is a link to the sacrament, and is self effacing.

We live by faith and reverence. The Spirit blows where He wills, inside and outside of the church.  St Paul lists the fruit of the Spirit.  We should allow God to work in us.  Spirit mean power and Ghost and invisible presence.

During the notices, Father Stephen exhorted us to go and look at the Sunday School display, so I did and too a photo of it for you.

Next week on Sunday afternoon at 3pm, come to hear Chichester Voices who will be entertaining you followed by a legendary St Mary's Church tea!  Tickets are £12 and £10 for children and OAPs. You can get tickets from Janet (church warden) and on the door.

And speaking of afternoon teas, the Sunday School made Holy Spirit cup cakes which they proudly showed to Fr Stephen, before devouring them!

Monday, 27 May 2019
This morning we met at 10:00 am for a Sung Eucharist on this the last Sunday of Easter Tide. The celebrant was Father Stephen and Father Roger preached. The first lesson, from the Acts of the Apostles told the story of St Paul and his companions meeting the Lady Lydia and her house hold in Macedonia. Father Roger in his sermon took up the story of these and other women mentioned in the New Testament, and how they were converted and baptised. He spoke of how Liverpool football team had taken up the song 'you'll never walk alone' from Carousel, and how this fitted with the message to new Christians converted by St Paul, it is the Holy Spirit, who's arrival we shall be remembering next Sunday, who accompanies us as it did those new Christians in the first century, who ensures that God is always with us and we are never alone.

The Choir sang 'Lift your Heads' By J.S.Bach as the Anthem, preparing us for Ascension Day on Thursday. There was Coffee after the Service.

On the 16th of June at 3:00pm in the afternoon, Chichester Voices will give a concert at St Mary's which will be followed by Tea. Tickets are £10 available from the Church Wardens or on the door. All proceeds in aid of Dementia Care locally. Please do come along!

Our lovely Flowers this week are from the Wedding of Sam and Tammy on Saturday, we wish them God's blessing on their marriage!

Sunday, 19 May 2019
Our 10 am service this morning was a sung mattins. We were delighted to have Father Stephen back to take the service much recovered from his recent  bad cold. As is our custom the readings from the old and new testament were from the King James version of the Bible. The New Testament reading was from St John's Gospel, and as Father Stephen told us is part of the Last Discourses, the collection of saying that Jesus gave to his disciples as he approached his Crucifixion. In this case the important instruction is to 'Love on another as I have loved you' Indeed, this instruction applies to all of us, in our personal relationships, and in the great events of the world. A timely message for every one.

The Choir sang the Benedictus in the setting by C.V. Stanford in C major. As the Anthem they also sang 'Thou wilt keep him in perfect peace' by Samuel Wellesley.

There was coffee in the rooms after the service.

The Fete is fast approaching, and we are in need of a volunteer/s to run the Bar-b-que, if you can help please speak to the Church Wardens!

Also the details of the stalls are in the Parish Magazine, so start looking for items to donate!

Friday, 17 May 2019
This evening we we were glad to welcome Bishop Mark, and the Deanery Confirmation candidates to St Mary our Lady for a service of Confirmation with in the Eucharist. We had candidates, young and old, from Sidlesham, Selsey and Hunston, and supported by their family and friends we took part in this wonderful experience of the Holy Spirit working in all our lives.
Bishop Mark told our candidates of how their talents would change the world, with the help of the Holy Spirit which is manifest in us as love, and leads us to achieve wonderful things, some small, some great, during our lives. He then proceeded to confirm Harry, Isabella, Kai, Harrison, Aleks, Kelly, Joanne, Levi, Danny, Leo and Stephen.
The service then continued with  the Eucharist. The choir, who were joined by members of the choir from St Peter's Selsey  sang 'Thou wilt keep him in perfect peace' by Samuel Sebastian Wesley, conducted by James Roriston, Director of Music and Organist Joanna Chivers.
The candidates received a lighted candle and processed out of the church following Bishop Mark as the congregation sang the hymn Oh Jesus I have Promised.
There were many photos and congratulations following the service, and a magnificent spread awaited in the Rooms, accompanied by a glass of Pimms, soft drinks, or a cup of tea!

We welcome our new adult members of the Congregation of Our Lord, please pray for  them as the set out on their Christian Journey.

Sunday, 12 May 2019
We met today at 10 am on a beautiful sunny morning for our Eucharist. The Celebrant was Father Roger, as Father Stephen is still away, but he returns on Tuesday.
This Sunday is celebrated as 'Good Shepherd' Sunday  and in his Sermon, Father Roger shared his experience of his time in a parish in Wales, where sheep farming was a major occupation, and went on to talk about the role of the shepherd, the value of sheep in Biblical times, and how this teaches us the Jesus as the Good Shepherd is our guardian and our guide through this life and the next.
The Choir sang Ave Verum in the setting by Edward Elgar, as the anthem. The Sunday School children and adults joined us for the Communion.
There was coffee after the service in the Rooms.

This Thursday at 7:30 there will be a service of Confirmation by Bishop Mark, the Bishop of Horsham. Candidates for Confirmation from St Mary's and St Peter's Selsey, and from Hunston Parish Church will be presented. All are welcome to come and support the candidates as they become  full adult members of the Church. There will be refreshments after the service.

We have a new family in the congregation!

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