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Monday, 10 December 2018

Today we lit the second candle on our Advent wreath.

Father Stephen's sermon was about St Luke's telling of the birth narrative. St Luke took great pains to put it into historical context and geographic position. If it were happening today, he might have said something like "In the reign of Queen Elizabeth the Second, when Theresa May was Prime Minister and Donald Trump, president of USA".  John the Baptist was out int he wilderness in order to more clearly hear the word of God.  Israel was under the yoke of Rome. Faith and national identity went together.  Advent is a time when the bible readings become more challenging. We have drifted from God's purpose and become slack. Advent says Holiness is what God wants us to share.  The world need to be restored to his beautiful creation. We, who were created in God's image, have been "doodled" over.  We need a good "polishing" and clean up.   Sir David Attenborough's recent speech on climate change is an example of a secular prophet.  Will he be heard by any other than the already converted?

Following the service, we had coffee, tea and mince pies supplied by the Sunday School and an opportunity to buy their home made sweets for their charities this Christmas. The sale on Sunday made £203.26. Added to the the children's weekly collections and a donation of £18 they handed over a total of £388.83 to their chosen charities which are, Sussex Snowdrop Trust, Teenage Cancer Trust and Goodwill Villages, Southern India.  I think we should all applaud their amazing achievement.

A sample of the Goodies on sale!


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