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Thursday, 13 September 2018
You may have noticed these silhouettes in church on Sunday, there are 5 of them and they will be sitting in church until Remembrance Sunday. They represent the Fallen of the First World War. 1,117077 British and Commonwealth soldiers died between 1914 and 1918.
The silhouettes were purchased using donations from the congregation, and the money raised will contribute to the work of
The Royal Foundation
Walking with the Wounded
Combat Stress
Help for Heroes
Project Equinox Housing Veterans and Medical Students
Commonwealth War Graves Foundation

The names of  those from Sidlesham who gave their lives are recorded on the War Memorial in the Church yard and on the Roll of Honour at the front of the Church.

This prayer from the Church of England, to commemorate the First World War might be useful to those who lost family in the conflict.

'Lord Jesus, we believe that you stood beside N and his fellow soldiers 
as they fought to bring peace to your world.
We believe that you have stood among us
as we tried to imagine the fear and pain and loneliness
of the wounded and dying on the battlefield.
We believe that you stand beside us now,
as we remember and honour N.
In your great mercy, bless our good memories,
comfort us when we grieve for the life that might have ben,
and strengthen us in all we do to seek the peace and freedom
which are your desire for the world

You can visit the church and see these moving memorials any day between now and November the 11th


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