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Monday, 7 May 2018
Being the first Sunday in the month it was the Family Service and the Sunday School gave us a play entitled "The Mean Green Dragon".  A poor old woodcutter was sitting in his wood one day when two little girls came skipping along the path towards him.  The were from the Little Red Riding Hood Gang and they assaulted the poor woodcutter and left him on the forest floor, taking his axe with them.  Later a noble knight came by on his charger, he saw the poor woodcutter but decided to leave him as he more important things to be doing, like searching for the mean green dragon.  Then along came the mean green dragon and even though he knew the woodcutter hated the mean green dragon, he covered the woodcutter with his cloak, called for an ambulance and even paid for a carpenter using his credit card, to mend the woodcutter's stool which had been damaged in the assault.  He stayed with the woodcutter until he heard the ambulance and then went to his home at the other side of the forest. A doctor came and tended the woodcutter and saw him safely to the ambulance. You are probably wondering why the mean green dragon had a mobile phone and credit card? Meangreen was the name of the village on the other side of the forest and in the woodcutter's village, they called the inhabitants of Meangreen "dragons" because they didn't like them. The mean green dragon was a kind-hearted person who loved people even if they didn't love him.  Which is what Jesus asks his followers to do.

The weather was very kind with glorious sunshine and the churchyard was looking lovely after the working party had attacked it the day before. 

Don't forget the Summer Fete the last Saturday in July.


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8:00am Holy Communion
10:00am Family Service

Second Sunday in the Month
8:00am Holy Communion
10:00am Parish Eucharist

Third Sunday in the Month
8:00am Holy Communion
10:00am Sung Matins

Fourth Sunday in the Month
8:00am Holy Communion
10:00am Parish Eucharist

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