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Sunday, 17 December 2017
Being the third Sunday, today was Matins. Our Old Testament reading was from Isaiah and the New Testament reading was echoed in the anthem sung by the choir "This is the record of John" by Orlando Gibbons.

Father Stephen reflected on some of the words from Isaiah, "Bind up the broken hearts". Could this be a bit of a tall order? We should bring comfort and balm to those in distress.  Father Stephen remembered listening to a Radio 4 programme where a man who had had extensive surgery on his heart was speaking to a medical doctor. The "patient" had a literal interpretation of a "broken heart" whilst the "doctor" took a more metaphysical response. However it transpired that the heart can show signs of physical deterioration at the time of severe distress, so bereavement and psychological upsets do have physical effects on the heart.  Received wisdom has now to be reassessed.

There are many broken hearted in the world today; refugees, wounded, the traumatised.  Father Stephen saw 3 appeals on TV during one advertisement break, 2 for the UK and 1 for abroad, all legitimate and worthy causes in a few minutes. There is a tsunami of need in the world today. So how do we even start to bind up the broken hearted.

There is a story of a father and son walking on the beach. They came across a shoal of fish that had been washed up onto the shore, some were already dead, but others were gasping.  The son started to throw the gasping fish back.  His father told him why bother, there were too many, but the son continued saying "I will do what I can".  So what the son achieved was only a small effect, but it was a start.

The church had been decorated with evergreens and berries from the countryside and looked lovely without any flowers.

Remember that next Saturday is our Carol Service at 6pm to be followed by mince pies and mulled wine in the parish rooms.   Christmas eve there is no 8am service with a said Eucharist at 10pm.  Midnight mass will be at 11pm.


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