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Sunday, 23 July 2017
We met today at 10 am for a Sung Eucharist celebrated by Father Stephen. Today's readings were from St Paul's letter to the Romans, and St Mathew's Gospel. They continued the theme of sowing and growing seed. Today's parable was the story of the wheat field which was full of weeds, the workers wanted to remove the weeds, but the owner told them to leave them and only separate them from the good plants at the harvest. Father Stephen enlarged on this parable in his sermon. We are told that disturbing the weeds, a metaphor for evil and wicked people, might disturb the roots of the good wheat. Are we to then accept that evil is among us and God does not act against it until the day of Judgement?  How hard this seems on those who are affected by the deeds of bad people, but we have faith and can strive against that which is wrong, we are not passively growing like plants, we can choose to counteract the bad things in the world.
The Choir sang the Ave Verum in the setting by W.A. Mozart as the anthem. There was coffee after the service. We are counting the weeks now until we can use our new rooms with a fully equiped kitchen for our coffee!

The annual Church Fete is next Saturday from 2 to 4 pm, on the Vicarage meadow and in the Church. Setting up on Thursday and Friday if you can help, but do come along on Saturday afternoon and join in the fun.