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Sunday, 18 June 2017
No photos this week as Dr Lesley was not in church today and I had not brought my camera. Many apologies.

Father Roger preached as Father Stephen is still away.

Being Matins we had Psalm 100 "O be joyful in the Lord" which was repeated in the choir anthem as they sang Stanford's "Jubilate Deo" from his Morning, Communion and Evening Service in B flat, Op 10.

Father Roger's sermon reflected the second reading from Matthew outlining 3 things the church requires, Mission, Staff and Clear Priorities. We should be saddened that people are lost and have lost direction. Christian faith was a less alien concept in centuries past.  Few now have insight into the meaning of Christmas and Easter.  They now lack confidence in God to bring good from evil, life from death. The Christian teaching of children now has to compete with myriad other activities. Christians should 1) proclaim the good news, 2) teach, baptise and nurture, 3)give loving service, 4) challenge unjust structures in society and 5) safeguard creation and the life of the earth.

We are all sinners, but sin has different meaning to different people depending n where they are in society.  Tolerance needs scrutiny.  Life is not easy and we are called to value all, but not to tolerate everything. Sin is about a tarnished creation, not a list of naughty deeds, the less than perfect, but we may not be to blame for it.  It is more about what we do with the hand we have been dealt.


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