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Wednesday, 7 October 2015
We have had a busy weekend at St Marys, with both Saturday and Sunday taken up with activities. On Saturday morning the choir were once again singing in Chichester Cathedral for the annual Prayer Book Society service of Holy Communion. The setting was that by H. Darke in the key of  F major. The choir also sang an Anthem 'Tatum Ergo' setting by Vienne. This was a very enjoyable event especially appreciated by our young choristers and their families.
In the evending we enjoyed our Harvst Supper, once again a triumph of organisation, feeding all the people and of entertainments with the traditional readings and sketches. A big thank you to all involved.
On Sunday morning at our Harvest Eucharist, which as it is the first Sunday in the month was a family service, we had a special presentation to two of the Sunday School team, Mary and Judy, who have reluctantly decided to 'retire' after many, many years of service.  Mary has quite exceptionally worked with the young people of St Mary's for certainly 40+ years and probably 50+ years but no-one, including Mary, knows for sure!  The young people, past and present, of the parish decorated personalised a bowl and jug for Mary and Judy to show their appreciation.
The church was wonderfully decorated with produce, and this was a most joyful service. The choir sang 'Look at teh world' by John Rutter.

On Sunday evening the village harvest service took place, with a wonderful contribution of two songs by Siddlesham Primary School choir. In this service gifts were presented and the traditional Harvesy hymns were sung.
A Busy weekend indeed

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