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Monday, 13 October 2014
After all the excitement of last weekend, a quieter week, but the celebration of St Wilfred, who famously converted the South Saxons.

At the 10;00 o'clock Eucharist Father Stephen told us in his sermon some of the history of St Wilfred. He was a great missionary, travelling far and wide in the AD 600's bringing Christianity to many parts of England and to what is now Germany and Holland. He was a man of great energy, supporting the Roman style of Christianity over the Celtic form, and holding Bishoprics in several places. He returned to Roman on several occasions and it was on his return from one of these visits that he was shipwrecked at Selsey. It is said that he taught the starving Saxon inhabitants to fish thus ending the famine that was besetting them. He founded a Cathedral at Selsey, and the See remained there until the Norman Conquest. Although he was obviously a very strong and determined man who may have upset many people he did sincerely follow Our Lord's instruction to go out and tell the Good News. He is, with St Richard co-patron of the Diocese.
The Choir sang the 'The Alleluias of St James' as the Anthem. There was coffee after the service.

Autumn is with us

Don't forget the Concert and Tea on Sunday 26th of October at 3:00pm Tom Cooper Price will play for us.

On Saturday November 1st at 6;00pm there will be a Service for All Souls Day. This will be a Eucharist with the Faure Requiem as the setting. If you would like to include the names of departed loved ones in the remembrance, please add their names to the list at the back of church. The list of names will be placed on the alter during the service.


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10:00am Sung Mattins

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10:00am Parish Eucharist

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