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Sunday, 14 October 2012
St Mary's churchyard is a spiritual and sacred place. We ask all who visit our churchyard to honour it and those who are buried here. Our rural churchyard is a very special place and we do our very best to maintain its nature. There are regulations governing what is and isn't allowed and these do differ from those governing a municipal burial ground. More information »
Monday, 1 October 2012
Last month I wrote a heartfelt plea for people, whoever they are, please not to remove the stick markers which show the grave-digger where he needs to dig. Unfortunately, I must now mention the fact that some 'kind' person has removed a metal spade (which is very old and welded together). For decades it rested against the large yew tree on the eastern side of the churchyard. Since all stick markers had been removed, I put this spade on a grave nearby so the Furneral Directors would know the spot to which the grave-digger should be directed and now this spade, too, has gone. If anyone is aware of its whereabouts, I would very grateful if they could return it to its usual place by the yew tree. With thanks. Fr Stephen